Friday, May 14, 2010

summer in diliman

Did you know that a neon SAN MIGUEL BEER sign was in a scene of Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express? Well I forgot when it actually happened, but I clearly remember it was at the upper right corner of the screen when the first cop of the film walked out of a pub or something.

It has been my fourth summer in diliman, never been able to rest from school since that pisay freshmen-sophomore summer. Right after that every year has been about school or actually going to school.

2004: mandatory internship with a measly 2000 php allowance from school

2005: it's all about the malabar spinach candies! Lots of alugbati were trashed and turned to nutty and sweet things. Also my first youth camp with jet jet. We were actually doing research with those leafy things

2006: it's all about prepping for school. I stayed in Binangonan with Sam and tutored their house help.

2007: KPL, party-list elections and Math 54. The best combo! Organizing events and answering problem sets.

2008: OCS. Masaya.

2009: OCS. Chem 17. Night of the Living Dead, literally up all night writing papers and the whole morning working experiments. The beginning of the harshest year of my life.

2010: Nat'l elections and Kas 2 24/7. Map tests, films, field trip.

Here are some of summer's best films:

1. Let the Right One In
Vampire boy meets bully punching bag. Very graphic. Chilling.

2. The Wind will Carry Us

3. La Haine
The Hate, Kassovitz's first film. He won best director here in so many film fests.

4. A Jihad for Love
Very insightful both culturally and politically.

5. Chungking Express
Sappy quotes and visual overload. Happiest film of the summer.


  1. Glady's ikaw ba ito? haha! kaw ba yung nameet ko sa Kas 2, 9-11 class?

  2. adrian! ako nga. ako nga ang na-meet mo sa kas 2. :) nasa chungking express heaven pa rin ako.