Monday, August 31, 2009

No one reads this blog, but i write anyway

No one reads this blog. I'm very positive with that. No one that I know knows that I keep one... for now. But I like to write for my personal sanity, to cope with the alienation and loneliness in the city.

Urgh. Petty-bourgeois issues.

Yesterday morning I read and re-read Megan McCafferty's Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings. American YA novels to pass the time. No. Not to pass time, I've so much in my head and lists of todos in my Rainlendar that such trivialities cannot be accomodated. But I do. Oh I still do.

Reading in the early morning before everything starts is a vice from high school. I would attempt to finish mystery novels before my roomates wake up. I had this deal with Ng Trish that when she's asleep I'd borrow the books they circulate in her class. Every book that went through her hands, I read. except for that one, the Naked Face? I was not able to finish that book. But I've lost interest on Sheldon novels anyway. They were fun and exciting at that time, 6 years ago. Now I'm looking for something new to read and re-read in the early mornings.

I was going through my old reading list and there's a lot that I don't want to return to.

1 Paolo Coelho
Sophomore and Junior years
Much ado about existence, dreams, life, pleasure and love
I have found recent disinterest in his perspective of things. Too much removed from reality.

2 Sydney Sheldon
Sophomore year
Exciting and very fast-read
I am, however, not interested in siolving mysteries and reading on the lives of tycoons and reporters, nuns during the Spanish civil war and doctors with scandalous secrets

3 Eva Ibbotson
Freshman year
Children's Horror Stories, in the league of Nancy Drew notebooks

The list goes on. be continued

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reading Tolkien

Reading tolkien was what i did for the most part of 2001-2002. Yes. Tolkien when I wake up and Tolkien before I sleep. This was before high school and right around the time when I did a lot of writing and reading, mostly tabloid and broadsheet opinion pages and drafting ideas for the Regional Press Conference. This is like a writing camp for all the kids that culminates to a national event and requires you to compete with other kids to qualify for a slot.

And yes, I won a spot for the Gen San Conference... and was told not to go. I tried writing again in high school but I was too lazy by then. After that writing was equivalent to drafting laboratory reports and doing history essays and emo one-liners on my notebooks.

But I'm wanting to change that. Nah. Attempting to write a blog seems a gargatuan task for now. I'll be writing on vacuum and Negros, on mostly mundane stuff and the how badly I need sleep almost every time. And in between blogging and methyl red solutions, meeting and lab reports, I'll be re-reading The Two Towers and the silmarils, the vanyar and Luthien Tinuviel.